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About Us

Our facility started serving public on April 15, 2022, a brand under Archery city co., ltd. Our purpose is insisting on "High-quality service, popular price" that provide our customers and students a comfortable venue to play the sport.

In order to train more future shooters, we specially arrange suitable coaches for each student, and also arrange specific training courses according to the progress of each student. Whether it is for interest or for mastering the sport, our professional coaching team believes that it can provide more systematic and high-quality professional courses for all students.

The venue is specially divided into multiple areas for archers of different levels to learn or practice. There are also special leisure areas and physical fitness equipment for use, so that all customers can improve their body, mind and skills.


In order to provide more professional and high-quality teaching courses, the venue specially separates the teaching and professional archer practice areas.

The college area is divided into the primary 5-meter learning area and the advanced 18-meter learning area. There is also a special physical training and theory class area. In addition to teaching the students the required skills, the coaches will also have theoretical courses to teach the students on how to exercise their heart﹑ technology ﹑body.

It is hoped that in addition to studying and mastering the sport, the students can also improve their psychological quality as well as physical fitness.


A special five-meter learning area for those who are new to the sport.


The study area can accommodate up to 6 people to experience and study together.


Here we provide professional guidance and standard equipment, so that everyone can experience it's fun for the first time.


5 meters Study Area


Standard 18m Learning Area

The 18-meter standard learning area can accommodate up to 8 people to take classes and practice together at the same time.

Provide target lanes for standard indoor competitions, and provide professional learning venues for students that possess some skills.

Standard 18m Practice Area

The 18-meter standard practice area can accommodate up to 14 people to practice together at the same time.

It provides standard indoor competition target lanes, and provides a spacious and comfortable practice environment for archers who have completed courses or have certain skills.

The venue will also hold different activities from time to time to allow archers from all walks of life to communicate.

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