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It's history

In the ancient times, for their own survival, the ancestors had to rely on wisdom and strength to fight against nature and fierce birds and beasts for their own survival. In the long and tortuous process, humans have created many ways and tools to win. Sticks and stones are only natural objects, and the range of strikes is limited; while bows and arrows are composite tools made of stone, bone and wood by humans. One of the most effective weapons that can be used for long-range shooting.

Since bows and arrows, the world of human activities has become broader, and humans have begun to walk out of the caves and nests, leave the big trees and forests, and settle down in the flat and vast plains. With bows and arrows, human beings can not only get more prey and create good material conditions for their own survival and reproduction, but also greatly strengthen their own security and defense capabilities.

As a weapon that can shoot the enemy at a long distance, the bow and arrow are listed as the first weapon, and its application is quite common. At that time, the nobles and sons of generals were taught archery from an early age. As a skill, "shooting" became one of the "six arts" that doctors must be familiar with. It was not only regarded as a very high-end etiquette in the league of monarchs and banquets. At that time, nobles, if they gave birth to a boy in their family, would shoot six arrows in all directions to show the world that the man wanted to conquer, which shows his status in people's hearts.

The ancient document " Yi * Xi Ci " said: Xianmu is an arc, and Yanmu is a arrow. The arc is the wooden bow; the arrow is the ancient name for the arrow.

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Types of bows

Single bow

The bow body is made of a single material, and it can be said to be the most basic type of bow. Before modern times, wood was mostly used, which was limited by the elasticity of a single material and required longer arms. European longbows and Native American flat bows are all single-piece bows.

Straight bow

When the straight bow is not wound, the bow is almost straight. After the bow is wound, only the loop of the bow touches the bow. When a bow of this shape pulls the bowstring, the direction of force is more pulling the bow arm rather than bending the bow arm, and the arrow will bear a great acceleration force for the moment it is released.

Recurve bow

When the recurve bow is not wound, the bow will bend toward the back (away from the shooter). After the recurve bow is wound, there will be a small section of the bowstring in addition to the loop that contacts the bow. The bows used in modern Olympic competitions and many traditional bows in Asia are recurve bows.

Compound bow

The bowstring of the compound bow is not directly set on the bow arm, but the bow arm is bent through the axle formed by the pulley and the rope. The eccentric round shape of the pulley can greatly reduce the pulling force required to maintain the bow arm bending by more than 60% when the bow is fully opened (called let-off), so the shooter can aim relatively easily.

Practice bow

Suitable for general friends who are new to archery, the strength is not too big and easy to control


Hong Kong Archery Association

It was established in 1972 by a group of government doctors. At the beginning, Dr. Lan Xinfu, the then Deputy Director (Medical) of the Hong Kong Government’s Department of Medical and Health, served as the chairman and Dr. Lao Yunchun, then chairman of the Kowloon Hospital. The vice chairman and Dr. Chen Weijie acted as treasurers. The Voluntary Secretary-General and Venue Director are Mr. Xu Xinmin and Mr. Qiu Xijie respectively. The Association was officially registered in 1981, and became a member of the Hong Kong Sports Association and Olympic Committee of China. The Association was registered as a limited company in 2007. It is currently a member of the International Archery Association (WA) and the Asian Archery Association (WAA). It is a representative organization that manages the  sport in Hong Kong. It is now funded by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

Link- HKAA


International Archery Federation (worldarchery​)

It is the international federation of archery for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The organization was established in 1931 to supervise and promote the sport around the world.

Link- IAF (worldarchery​)

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